Princess Piggy Poo avid reader

Princess Piggy Poo usually takes an interest in anything I read. If I let her sit on my stomach while enjoying a book or magazine, Princess Piggy Poo will sniff and nibble at the bottom. Princess Piggy Poo Reader

Generally, I’m okay with Princess Piggy Poo sampling my reading material; however, recently I was reading a book written by a friend. It was my autographed copy so I stopped Princess Piggy Poo from marring this edition. Ironic that the title of the book is Hard Bite and this is the only time I wouldn’t let Princess Piggy Poo gnaw away. Her guinea pig persistence was admirable though, it’s as if she knew what the title meant.

I told my friend, Anonymous-9 (the book’s author), about Princess Piggy Poo’s interest in her book and she requested a picture of Princess Piggy Poo destroying my copy of her book. Now I’m re-reading Hard Bite and letting Princess Piggy Poo have her way with it in hopes I’ll get some impressive bite marks and photos. If it doesn’t work this time, the sequel, Bite Harder is coming out soon.

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2 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo avid reader

  1. kramer says:

    Well, the choice of nibble favorites does vary among readers, doesn’t it? Unlike Princess Piggy Poo, my dog showed absolutely no interest in my reading material, but he was all too interested in whatever I may be nibbling on while reading. In this situation, it seems the highest form of flattery to your friend, the author, that the Princess sees this as a Royal delicacy of choice. Being an avid reader, after seeing this great review by the Princess, I am going to pick up a copy of this book myself . . . . and I’ll be taking some kind of bite out of something!! 🙂

  2. Hi Princess Poo, it’s truly an honor to appear on the royal blog. Thank you very much for nibbling Hard Bite around the edges which I hope is the palace seal of approval. Please give my best to your lady-in-waiting, Her Momma the Queen. Signed, Elaine/Anonymous-9

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