Comparing Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo Compare This weekend, I went to a party and talked to a lovely woman named April who said she had a cavy that would come when she called it. Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t even know her name. When I say, “Princess Piggy Poo,” she runs under the nearest object. April said her guinea pig, Pumpkin, never peed or pooped on her while she was holding her. Princess Piggy Poo considers me, and even my houseguests, a suitable potty. Pumpkin didn’t even have to be in a closed cage. She just roamed April’s house freely. I began to wonder if this woman simply had a small dog and was mistakingly calling it a guinea pig. She then mentioned that her guinea pig was the kind with rosettes. Suddenly Princess Piggy Pig seemed so inadequate compared to Pumpkin. The kicker was when April said she took her guinea pig swimming — when she went camping. That means in the great outdoors. April wasn’t afraid that her cavy would get lost because Pumpkin was an excellent swimmer and would come back when called. Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t do any tricks. To be fair, I never taught her any. But after learning that guinea pigs are good swimmers, I’ve been tempted to fill the tub with water and let Princess Piggy Poo have a go. I told April that her guinea pig sounded crazy smart. April said that she had eight guinea pigs while growing up and only Pumpkin was special. That took the pressure off but I still felt the need to brag about Princess Piggy Poo. “That’s nice about Pumpkin,” I said, “My guinea pig has her own blog.”

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3 Responses to Comparing Princess Piggy Poo

  1. Awww sometimes you do get an above average smart piggy but all guinea pigs can learn tricks. My boys will go back to their cages when told and will come when called. It’s learned behaviour though. Buddy was my clever piggy and the others have all picked it up from watching him!


  2. Princess Piggy Poo Grandmother says:

    What a hoot this blog is! Did I laugh! However, like in human children, it isn’t wise to compare one to the other. They are all special in their own little ways.

  3. kramer says:

    First, I have to say that is a beautiful pic of Princess Piggy Poo!! Pumpkin sounds like a fun and adventurous guinea pig. I have always delighted in the many different personalities, wit, and charm of all my kids over the years. “We shouldn’t compare, but we should celebrate in our uniqueness” are the words I was raised on . . . . hum, now I wonder what they meant by that!! 🙂

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