Princess Piggy Poo time traveler

Princess Piggy Poo experienced her best adventure yet — traveling back in time to the 1960s in a Mad Men marathon with her dog friend, Edalani, and Her Momma the Queen. Admittedly, it was my idea. The binge brought three species together to drool — me at Don Draper, Edalani due to her close proximity to a guinea pig and Princess Piggy Poo due to her close proximity to a dog.

Princess Piggy Poo Mad Men

I had seen a few episodes of Mad Men from various seasons but given the opportunity to view the series in order, I seized it. To date, there have been 76 episodes. I set a goal to watch as many as I could while my friends were on vacation in Hawaii and I was pet/house sitting.

Watching television with Princess Piggy Poo is great because she’ll stay up until 4 or 5 a.m. with me. I assume her squeaks are her agreeing with me when I comment on how Betty Draper is so beautiful that I don’t think January Jones even looks like that or ask if she thinks the colors of Pete Campbell’s apartment will look good in our house. Out of the 60 episodes we watched, Princess Piggy Poo only peed on me once, and that was my fault for rewinding so many times.

Princess Piggy Poo and I are pining for the 16 Mad Men episodes we haven’t seen yet. And, with the last season beginning soon, we’re trying to avoid reading anything about the series to avoid spoilers. I know it sounds wrong, but Princess Piggy Poo and I were really hoping that the hurricane in Hawaii would delay my friends’ homecoming by a few days allowing us to view all 76 episodes. I’m sure Edalani would have been cool with that, too.

For now, we’ll have to sit tight, but every time Princess Piggy Poo drinks water from her bottle, the tapping sounds like those old IBM Selectric typewriters used by our advertising friends at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce — and I wince.

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