Aggravating Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t like it when I scratch the top of her butt. But I do it anyway. Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t like it when I rub our noses together. But I do it anyway. Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t like it when I lay her on her back — but her wiggling may cause an injury so I don’t do that. But I’m certainly compelled to do things I know she doesn’t like.

Princess Piggy Poo Aggravation Without going into deep psychology, mainly, it’s because one day I think Princess Piggy Poo will like these things. Dogs and cats like to have that part of their backs before their tails scratched. Are guinea pigs so different? Supposedly, rubbing noses is how cavies kiss. Is Princess Piggy Poo a guinea pig purist or does she find my pointy nose or breath offensive? (Maybe next time I should try chewing some cilantro before I nose kiss her. Because there will absolutely be a next time.)


It’s funny that parents do this kind of thing to their kids all the time. Partly, it’s a power trip, but partly, it’s so your kids have a variety of experiences. And, when you do all those nice things for your kids such as giving them a palace to live in, buying them expensive hay and remembering to bring home their favorite vegetables, you feel entitled. Even a princess isn’t immune to a pain-in-the-ass parent. After all, her momma is the queen.

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1 Response to Aggravating Princess Piggy Poo

  1. Noah is our grumpiest piggy. He doesn’t like certain sounds so I sometimes make them on purpose. I tell myself I’m trying to get him used to them but really it’s just so adorable when he tries to intimidate me with his rumble dominance dance. He’s so little still it’s anything but intimidating!


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