Mirror, mirror in the cage

Princess Piggy Poo MirrorMy sister recommended I put a mirror in Princess Piggy Poo’s big house so she could gaze at a pretty guinea pig. I already had a “Mickey Mouse Parts” mirror that would be perfect for Princess Piggy Poo as well as fit nicely in her cage. Just like my royal guinea pig, I am also a fan of instant gratification.

Based on Princess Piggy Poo’s reaction to her cavy reflection in the mirror, I’m going to say that she might be alone, but she’s not lonely. She took a peek and then went about her business, which is resting in her hiding house with her butt facing the mirror.

When it comes to the mirror, Princess Piggy Poo seems to enjoy gnawing on Mickey’s hand for a few seconds, taking a peek at herself and then hopping away. Even though her response has been less than enthusiastic, I’ll leave the mirror for now. Maybe a quick peek is all you need when you’re the fairest of them all.

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One Response to Mirror, mirror in the cage

  1. kramer says:

    Good idea to put a mirror in there!! I would have thought some reaction would have come from Princess Piggy Poo in catching a glimpse of a possible “intruder” into her kingdom. Like the Princess, I am not all the impressed with my mirror either. I would agree that “the fairest of them all” would need only a quick peek . . . I’m happy with just an “honorable mention”!! 🙂

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