Honest Princess Piggy Poo

Today, I received a check from a client for an invoice that they had already paid. I know I could buy Princess Piggy Poo a lot of cilantro if I took double payment on my jobs, but naturally I gave back the check. I like good karma and keeping everything right in the universe. Princess Piggy Poo Honest

Then I wondered if guinea pigs — or any animals for that matter — have a sense of honesty. I know animals steal food from each other, but that’s for survival. Are there any other instances in nature where animals can be dishonest or screw over another animal the way people do? I thought it might be a silly question, until I found a discussion about this topic on the Physics Forums. The smart people don’t necessarily agree on this, so I thought I’d do my own scientific study on Princess Piggy Poo. (No offense to guinea pigs that were used for experiments.)

Mine was an observational study. I watched Princess Piggy Poo enjoying a royal slumber with her pretty head and torso poking out of her hiding house. Any prey animal comfortable and secure enough to do that has to be honest. Good cavy karma — everything is right in the castle.

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One Response to Honest Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    I just LOVE the sublime beauty of the innocence of Princess Piggy Poo!! I find your study skewed in that the Princess has no “prey” to screw over; however, you did. You “chose” to solve your dilemma in the best karmic fashion and in the way of the highly moral person you are . . . I wish there were more like you in this world!! 🙂

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