Dependable Princess Piggy Poo

No matter what disappointments I face in the big world, I can depend on my little cavy to make life happier. That’s what pets do — make the world a better place. Princess Piggy Poo Lips

If you have a dog, cat, guinea pig or lizard, you don’t need a medical study to tell you that petting your friend lowers your blood pressure and makes you feel happier — you can tell. Princess Piggy Poo is an antihypertensive, antipsychotic treatment covered in fur.

The other night Princess Piggy Poo cozied up on my chest and gazed at me while we had a fascinating conversation. Normally, Princess Piggy Poo lies across my arm so I only see her profile. It was a treat to engage with my guinea pig face-to-face. She certainly wanted my undivided attention and had a lot to say. Good thing for Princess Piggy Poo, she can depend on me, too.


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3 Responses to Dependable Princess Piggy Poo

  1. Wow, you hoomans really do have a special bond with us piggies, don’t you? Whee had no idea…
    The Pigs xx

  2. Whee know our hooman loves watching us and talking to us, and whee don’t mind her much either!!

  3. Kramer says:

    No, no study needed to show me what good medicine is in our beloved pets. What a sweet treat Princess Piggy Poo gave you, a purposeful showing of dependability and conscience devotion. I believe there is a sixth sense shared with their beloved humans, and they are more attuned to us than we may give them credit for. Beyond that, it’s a kind of love humans are not capable of . . . . unconditional love! 🙂

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