Run Princess Piggy Poo run

Guinea pigs are deceptively fast. They lay like a soft, furry lump so you forget they can bolt. This is why I won’t let Princess Piggy Poo enjoy the California sunshine. I’m too afraid she’ll dart across the yard, run for cover under a bush and I’ll never see her again.

Princess Piggy Poo Run

“Why don’t you have an outside run or caged off section for her?” you may ask. It makes sense. Other guinea pig owners are okay with that. But I’m paranoid. What if Princess Piggy Poo jumps the fence? What if a bird swoops down from the sky and grabs her from right in front of me? What if she gets bugs? I can’t handle it.

For now, Princess Piggy Poo can sure do laps in her cage. When I lift her hiding house, her tiny cavy legs start moving. The hay goes flying as she darts back and forth the length of the cage. It’s highly entertaining. “Run, Piggy, run!” I encourage her and smile — because she’s safe in her royal palace. And, if by some crazy circumstance she frees herself, there’s no escaping my big house.

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One Response to Run Princess Piggy Poo run

  1. Kramer says:

    Well, I’m thinking all good mamas are protective of their young. It’s only natural you would rather be safe than sorry and may be a bit overprotective. Princess Piggy is a well cared for little cavy, and not bugs allowed. Thinking of her running on those tiny legs makes me laugh out loud. It’s good that she’s getting her royal exercise in a safe environment. For me, my exercise consists mostly of the gears turning in head . . . “the wheels on the bus go round and round; round and round”!!! 🙂

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