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Run Princess Piggy Poo run

Guinea pigs are deceptively fast. They lay like a soft, furry lump so you forget they can bolt. This is why I won’t let Princess Piggy Poo enjoy the California sunshine. I’m too afraid she’ll dart across the yard, run … Continue reading

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Sugar-free Princess Piggy Poo

My latest work assignment has been to interview specialists about diabetes. I know that being overweight can lead to diabetes, and having a chubby guinea pig gives me reason for pause. While Princess Piggy Poo may have a higher cavy … Continue reading

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Princess Piggy Poo hissy fit

Princess Piggy Poo never ceases to amaze me. I usually think of my guinea pig as a cute little cavy with a tiny pea-sized brain but every once in awhile she does something that makes me respect her a bit … Continue reading

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