Princess Piggy Poo squeaky clean

I want a housekeeper — actually, I want Augustina. I covet my friends’ cleaner. She’s magical. Princess Piggy Poo has no need for Augustina, because she has me. As far as Princess Piggy Poo knows, I’m as good as it gets. Princess Piggy Poo Face

Even though I sometimes forget to move her water bottle from the nighttime cage to the daytime cage, even though I leave dried on lettuce on her veggie bowl from time to time and even though I extend cage cleaning a few days beyond what I should, Princess Piggy Poo never complains. As long as there’s a supply of hay, crudités and pellets and the scent of urine in her cage doesn’t rival a New York City street, Princess Piggy Poo is a happy cavy.

I know a princess deserves to be taken care of but it sure would be nice if Her Momma the Queen had a little help, too. Unfortunately, Augustina doesn’t care if my guinea pig is royalty or if my little castle doesn’t take much time to clean, she’s busy with my friends. There may be other housekeepers out there but once you have your heart set on someone, no one else will do. I’m sure Princess Piggy Poo feels the same way about her housekeeper. I may not keep her squeaky clean but I keep her happy enough to squeak.

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2 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo squeaky clean

  1. And sometimes, that’s all whee piggies need 🙂
    The Pigs xx

  2. Kramer says:

    Having a housekeeper is so nice. I can truly understand why you would want one of your very own, just as Princess Piggy. I just know Her Momma The Queen keeps her Royal Palace as sparkling clean as she does the Princess palace, but a special housekeeper is hard to find. I want a housekeeper too, and I trust Princess Piggy — you’ll do just fine!! 🙂

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