Guinea pig nipples

“Guinea pig nipples,” is not a phrase that you want showing up in your browser history. Especially after you just got a new freelance job and downloaded the company’s software onto your computer. With multiple notifications that my computer was being monitored, I still had to do it. That’s the power of a momma’s concern. Princess Piggy Poo Chubby

I made the mistake of reading articles about guinea pigs. One said that you would be remiss if you didn’t give your cavy the once over all over. So I picked up Princess Piggy Poo and thought, “My, what long nipples you have.” I have no idea what girl guinea pig nipples should look like, so I had to Google it.

I hate going to Google for images regarding guinea pigs because you always have to scroll past a picture of a cavy served up Peruvian style. It’s the worst. But I finally found a picture of another female piggy’s private area and they looked close enough. So I promised myself that this would be the last time I read about or look online for pictures of guinea pigs.

Princess Piggy Poo is 2-1/2 years old now. She looks like a healthy guinea pig, squeaks like a healthy guinea pig and acts like a healthy guinea pig without nary a glance much less a thorough inspection. Let’s leave well enough alone. My nurse practitioner friend, Don, always says, to keep your baby healthy, practice good hygiene and keep her hydrated. If it works for humans, I think it should work fine for Princess Piggy Poo. Now I just hope my new employer isn’t wondering what kind of freaky fetish I might have.

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3 Responses to Guinea pig nipples

  1. Carol says:

    You know I’ve been to Peru, right!

  2. Kramer says:

    Glad to hear that Princess Piggy Poo passed her physical with flying colors. I have to agree with your friend Don, and his sound advice. Just as any good techno-savvy mother, you are going to use Google to gain knowledge to care for your Princess. I myself use Google regularly for work too, and I have also been bothered at the thought of what my browser history would look like should one investigate it, but you have put my mind at ease . . . . you’ve “nipped it in the bud,” so to speak!! 🙂

  3. That’s a fine pigture of a pretty pig!
    The Pigs xx

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