Who has a guinea pig?

Lately, I’ve been exchanging email addresses with people I’ve been acquainted with but don’t know very well. At the bottom of my email signature is the url for this blog. I can’t tell you the number of responses I’ve received from those initial emails stating, “You have a guinea pig?”

photo-2Yes, yes, I do. I’ve been a guinea pig person for quite awhile now, so I forgot that it isn’t common for adults to own guinea pigs. My friend Doug got me into the joys of being a guinea pig parent back in 2005. I remember his mother asking me once, “Where do you people find each other?” She was the one who got him started by allowing him to have a guinea pig pet as a boy. Maybe cavies are a gateway pet leading to owning harder animals like cats, dogs and such. (My friend Lynn started out with a gerbil and now has a horse.) I should at least be up to cats at this point. But I love my Princess Piggy Poo and I don’t need to escalate my pet responsibility. Princess Piggy Poo is enough pet for me.

It’s always entertaining at work events when playing the icebreaker game where you’re supposed to say two facts and one untruth about yourself and then everyone guesses which one is your lie. Without missing a beat I say: “I was born in New York City, I have a guinea pig and chocolate is my favorite food.” No one ever guesses that I was born in a Sunshine State just like Princess Piggy Poo…and that’s the truth.

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4 Responses to Who has a guinea pig?

  1. kramer says:

    I have known you had a guinea pig from the beginning, but I am just a bit surprised to see that you have come to love them so much. I’ve heard it said we and our pets become more alike as time goes by. If this is true, you and the Princess are definitely a shining example. Both of you are warm, friendly, and have just the right touch of “nip” . . . two facts, and one untruth!! 🙂

  2. I went to a meet up of ‘Cavy Slaves’ from a forum I visit and it was really awkward at first till someone stood up and said “I’m Gigi and I’m addicted to guinea pigs” it just broke the ice and we couldn’t stop talking after that. I know lots of my friends are surprised by how many guinea pigs I have and the fact I still have them when they have ‘upgraded’ to dogs and cats but I love my piggies and I can’t think of a better pet!

    ~ Amy

  3. Phylicity says:

    A gerbil to a horse? Now THAT’S quite a progression. Please let us know if you decide to “upgrade” all the way to horse…

  4. We originally bough guinea pigs for my son and I ended up loving them even more than he does. Then I started catching myself saying “my” guinea pigs. ha ha I love “my” piggies.

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