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Content Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo enjoyed a full house this week — mine, not hers. Her grandparents — my parents — were visiting from Florida. Princess Piggy Poo and her big house were relocated during the visit in order to make room … Continue reading

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Who has a guinea pig?

Lately, I’ve been exchanging email addresses with people I’ve been acquainted with but don’t know very well. At the bottom of my email signature is the url for this blog. I can’t tell you the number of responses I’ve received … Continue reading

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Lucky Princess Piggy Poo

When I was contemplating getting Princess Piggy Poo, I recall my friend Mariam telling me, “Go ahead and get her. Maybe she’ll change your luck.” A month later, I was offered a full-time job — pretty powerful, if you believe … Continue reading

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