Que Pasa Princess Piggy Poo

As communicative as guinea pigs can be, sometimes it would be so much easier if they could directly answer questions. I’ve been able to figure out — or should I say Princess Piggy Poo has been able to get me to figure out — that she loves being tucked under the covers, that cilantro and Italian parsley are her favorite foods and that she detests being scratched below the waist (or where I imagine her waist would be).

Princess Piggy Poo Karen

Even though Princess Piggy Poo has found a way to tell me all of those things, the burning question I’d like answered is: Which house do you like staying in? Finally, I can appreciate the stresses of the rich and royal. It’s easy for me to know which house I want to stay in because I only have one option; but now Princess Piggy Poo has three. Is the big one too cold? Is the small one too small? Is the middle one just right?

Currently, Princess Piggy Poo stays in the big house during the day and then moves into her small house, which is now her bedroom, at night. I do that because it seems to me the small house is cozier, but it’s just a guess. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I want a talking guinea pig; much of our success is that we don’t speak each other’s language. Even if we are bitching and moaning at each other, neither of us is the wiser. I just want a clear indication that Princess Piggy Poo is a comfy cavy.

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1 Response to Que Pasa Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    It seems obvious to me that Princess Piggy Poo is just like Hermommathequeen — likes the coziness of the little house/bedroom at night. I wonder if that’s where they came up with “creature comforts”? I do so enjoy reading the tales of how the Princess communicates to you, and it does seem that she has taught you well over the years. Most times, actual words are really not needed between those who are so close in mind and spirit . . . be careful what you wish for!! 🙂

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