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Happy New Year Princess Piggy Poo

For Princess Piggy Poo, nothing says “Happy New Year” better than the smell of fresh cilantro from the farmers market filling the air along with the sounds of NFL playoffs on TV. 2013 has been a good year for my … Continue reading

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Ho Ho Ho Princess Piggy Poo

When I used to see animals wearing clothes, I always thought it was some human being ridiculous. Then I moved from my native Florida to New York City and realized that when it’s cold outside, even a fur coat could … Continue reading

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Holiday cheer for Princess Piggy Poo

This year has been pretty busy. So even though I have a lovely bay window and a high ceiling that’s begging for a Christmas tree, it’s just not going to happen. However, there’s no reason Princess Piggy Poo can’t enjoy … Continue reading

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Que Pasa Princess Piggy Poo

As communicative as guinea pigs can be, sometimes it would be so much easier if they could directly answer questions. I’ve been able to figure out — or should I say Princess Piggy Poo has been able to get me … Continue reading

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