Princess Piggy Poo feelin’ the love

Watching Princess Piggy Poo popcorning around in her new palace, I can tell she’s feelin’ the love. Today at the farmers market I bought carrots with the green tops on. The merchant immediately started to rip off the tops and was a little freaked out when I stopped him with an emphatic, “No, these are for my guinea pig!” Princess Piggy Poo Cutie

The guy gave me a funny look as he folded the greens toward the carrots, placed them in the bag and handed it to me. Before I walked away he smiled and gave me an extra carrot — tops in tact. I turned around to walk away tucking my bonus carrot into the bag when it dawned on me, “Hey, do you have cilantro?” I called back. One dollar later and Princess Piggy Poo would be feelin’ the love.

Princess Piggy Poo isn’t always accepting of feelin’ the love. My sister’s dog Rosalie (who isn’t much bigger than Princess Piggy Poo) likes petting my pretty piggy. It’s funny and sweet to me, but Princess Piggy Poo lets out a few growls and backs away. Initially, I thought the dog was being rough or else it was cavy instinct that made Princess Piggy Poo retract but I was the recipient of one of those gentle dog pats and Princess Piggy Poo seems to beckon Rosalie. So really, Princess Piggy Poo is just toying with the dog.

A friend pointed out that since I purchased the big house for Princess Piggy Poo she has become sassy. It’s true. Princess Piggy Poo never drew blood before the big house and she didn’t harass dogs before the big house. Princess Piggy Poo may be feelin’ the love but I may be creating a contrary cavy.

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3 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo feelin’ the love

  1. kramer says:

    What a wonderful person at the farmers market!! Sounds to me like our Princess Piggy Poo is growing up . . you know, those “feelin’ the love” pesky teenage years that our parents loved so much about us, and I picture her singing “I am Woman.” I just love the way she is coming into her own, finding her girl power in this great big world. Big house or not, contrary or not, I know without a doubt she’s a loved cavy . . and, most certainly, she is “master of her domain”!! 🙂

  2. What a nice treat for her! ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  3. Phylicity says:

    She’s just acting like a princess should. She’s much better behaved than say, a Hilton or a Kardashian…

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