Second anniversary with Princess Piggy Poo

This week Princess Piggy Poo and I are beginning our second year together. I bought her cilantro to celebrate the occasion and got her the top-shelf brand timothy hay and stuffed some into a toilet paper roll. Classy.

Princess Piggy Poo PinkI noticed that the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton; supposedly because after two years a couple is more comfortable with each other. While I don’t want to put anything made of cotton into Princess Piggy Poo’s cage, I can definitely get into the spirit of the tradition. Next time we have cuddle time I can cover Princess Piggy Poo with my cotton sheets.

While every day is pretty much the same for Princess Piggy Poo, it’s nice to reflect on life’s little milestones. It’s hard to believe that 730 days have passed since Princess Piggy Poo became my baby—and now she’s well into adulthood. It sure would be nice if time could slow down a bit.

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2 Responses to Second anniversary with Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    It’s only been two years?? Seems more like four years you’ve had that beautiful cuddly guinea. I think your gift of her favorite cilantro is perfect. As a foodie myself, I would love to receive a gift of my favorite French cheese, but a cozy cotton blanket would definitely “warm” my heart too. It does seem that time flies when you’re having fun, when you’re getting old . . . and when you’re having fun blogging with the Princess!! 🙂

  2. kramer says:


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