Right at home with Princess Piggy Poo

This weekend Princess Piggy Poo was thrilled that her number one blog commenter, Kramer, came for a visit. Every couple of years Kramer makes her way to Los Angeles—usually in the fall to attend Jimmy Kimmel’s San Gennaro Festival—and to see Princess Piggy Poo, of course. Princess Piggy Poo Sweetie

It just so happens that Princess Piggy Poo and Kramer have something in common; both are real foodies. As much as Princess Piggy Poo likes cilantro is how much Kramer likes sushi, and as much as Princess Piggy Poo likes Italian Parsley is as much as Kramer likes white pizza. Naturally, I’m right there with them.

Unlike me, Kramer is an early riser. Since there is no evidence that Princess Piggy Poo ever sleeps, she did a lot of entertaining while I was enjoying my morning slumber. Princess Piggy Poo was wheeking her little heart out as Kramer was making coffee and preparing oatmeal in the kitchen. It’s as if Princess Piggy Poo figured that if Kramer follows this blog, then Kramer should speak guinea pig and understand that Princess Piggy Poo was ready for her morning lettuce. What Princess Piggy Poo didn’t understand is that when a fellow foodie is making breakfast, every thing else takes a back seat…even royalty.

Once I got up, I brought Princess Piggy Poo her lettuce to some pretty loud squeaks. It’s as if Princess Piggy Poo was trying to tell Kramer, “Remember this for next time.”

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1 Response to Right at home with Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    First and foremost, let me thank my hostesses, Princess Piggy Poo and Hermommathequeen, for the wonderful weekend. I must confess that I did not realize Princess Piggy was the foodie I was, but I will make sure to remember it for my next visit and we can have breakfast together. And yes, in the world of the foodie, it’s a “dog eat dog” world out there . . . or, guinea eat lettuce/Kramer eat oatmeal!! 🙂

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