Walk this way Princess Piggy Poo

I was checking out another guinea pig blog called Hutch a Good Life and saw a video of little cavies running around. Then it dawned on me, I haven’t seen Princess Piggy Poo take a few laps in…in I don’t know how long. Hmmm…could that be why people keep marveling at her size? Never mind that, we have a bigger problem, can she even walk at all?

Princess Piggy Poo Hallway FunLike everything in life that you let get away from you, Princess Piggy Poo’s floor time has turned into sit-on-my-lap time. (At least I know Princess Piggy Poo can hop from the floor onto my lap—no small feat, I guess.) And, like everything in life that you have to get control of again, I decided to force some activity on Princess Piggy Poo. Instead of being in the living room, where Princess Piggy Poo can take refuge under the chair or couch, I closed all of the bedroom doors and dropped her (gently) into the hallway. I walked behind her and quickly realized that she didn’t have any desire to scoot in front of me or run away. What happened to her guinea pig instincts? She let my foot glide her across the wood floor without any movement. My plan B was to get her leash. Again, Princess Piggy Poo didn’t flinch as I was sliding her across the floor. After a minute, her leash was dislodged from her body. Now I know how personal trainers feel when they try to motivate their clients.

My next brainstorm was to get Princess Piggy Poo’s hiding house and place it at the opposite side of the hallway…viola, she ran across the floor to her trusty shelter. Then the cavy games began. I pushed the hiding house to the other side of the hallway and off Princess Piggy Poo went waddling all the way across floor. Good news! Princess Piggy Poo still has use of her legs. Extra good news! After 15 minutes of running from one side of the hallway to the other, Princess Piggy Poo and I both had some much-needed aerobic activity. Looks like we have a new workout room.

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4 Responses to Walk this way Princess Piggy Poo

  1. Hahaha the hooman does that with Buddy and Basil because they are turning into fat little piggies. She also does piggy hurdle jumping which Piggy Poo might like to try:

    Have a great day

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  2. kramer says:

    First, I had to laugh at the thought of you and Princess Piggy Poo playing keep-away with her little hidey house as you got your cardio skipping down the hall. You always have been quite the exercise “pusher,” as I know so well. Alas, I myself need a very good personal trainer. I really enjoyed the “Nacho” video, but it would sure take more than an apple core to make me jump a hurdle again; maybe a cheesecake . . . but I’ll drive my car, thank you !! 🙂

  3. Phylicity says:

    Princess Piggy Poo has a leash? Should we resume our walks around the neighborhood?? I could use the exercise too, but I won’t fit into her hidey house.

  4. princess guinea and ariel says:

    do u have a companion princess? me and princess guinea are happy together!

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