Traveling Princess Piggy Poo

It’s hard to know which is the lesser of two evils: leaving Princess Piggy Poo with a friend when I travel, or attempting to take her with me. I still haven’t invested in a carrying case so that makes any trip over an hour a potentially messy one with Princess Piggy Poo tucked into my pocket and her not being potty trained or diapered.

Princess Piggy Poo WhiskersSome of my piggy-sitter friends seem to enjoy Princess Piggy Poo’s company, and hopefully she reciprocates those feelings. Although for the most part, Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t get cuddles or floor time with the piggy-sitters for fear of her escaping, and never being seen again. It makes me feel guilty that she’s in her cage the entire time I’m away; but I’d rather her confinement than her going M-I-A and then me hating my friend who did me a favor and myself for the predicament.

If I were to bring Princess Piggy Poo traveling, I would have to bring her cage and all her gear. I’m not sure what the airline rules are about traveling with a guinea pig; however, I am confident she can fit under the seat in front of me. Perhaps Princess Piggy Poo wouldn’t know any difference in her location being in the comforts of her home, although the external sounds and smells would be different, which is also the case at a friend’s house. Because I’m on the go nonstop when I travel, I’m not confident that I would be to fulfill my obligations to Princess Piggy Poo. She may be lonelier with me.

It’s probably better that I leave Princess Piggy Poo with a piggy-sitter. It may be good for us to be apart every now and again. That way, we can appreciate our time together even more.

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One Response to Traveling Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    I went through this predicament too with my 10-pounder dog, Max. It is the most horrible quandary. There is no “best” way to handle that situation but the way you are; with love, trust in your pet-sitter, and being a responsible parent . . . and hoping you don’t get a mad Princess Piggy bite on the finger for leaving her behind as a welcome home!! 🙂

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