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Right at home with Princess Piggy Poo

This weekend Princess Piggy Poo was thrilled that her number one blog commenter, Kramer, came for a visit. Every couple of years Kramer makes her way to Los Angeles—usually in the fall to attend Jimmy Kimmel’s San Gennaro Festival—and to … Continue reading

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Princess Piggy Poo’s Happy Trails

Sometimes, I carry Princess Piggy Poo around the house like a football—my little piggyskin. She accompanies me on chores such as opening the blinds, putting on a kettle for tea, collecting soiled towels for wash…nothing too strenuous.  As far as … Continue reading

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Walk this way Princess Piggy Poo

I was checking out another guinea pig blog called Hutch a Good Life and saw a video of little cavies running around. Then it dawned on me, I haven’t seen Princess Piggy Poo take a few laps in…in I don’t … Continue reading

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Traveling Princess Piggy Poo

It’s hard to know which is the lesser of two evils: leaving Princess Piggy Poo with a friend when I travel, or attempting to take her with me. I still haven’t invested in a carrying case so that makes any … Continue reading

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