Eat like a Piggy

People comment on how “big” Princess Piggy Poo is but she doesn’t subscribe to the Hollywood vision of thin. Princess Piggy Poo is the same size as her mother and the other guinea pigs of her lineage. While she may not get as much exercise as she could, when it comes to her diet, we should all eat like Princess Piggy Poo. Princess Piggy Poo Dirty Chin

Now that bikini season is here, let the bags of lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli (well, not too much broccoli—toot-toot) and other healthy veggies fill your trough the way it does Princess Piggy Poo’s. Make sure you don’t eat too many scoops of your other kibbles and get enough vitamin C. People and guinea pigs both have the need to supplement their diets with vitamin C every day. Finally, make sure you get enough water, especially when that temperature starts to rise.

If you follow Princess Piggy Poo’s diet, you’ll be one healthy human. And, no matter what people say about your size, just like Princess Piggy Poo—you’ll be perfect.

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One Response to Eat like a Piggy

  1. kramer says:

    Okay, yes, I think one should eat as healthy a diet as they want. While Princess Piggy Poo is eating healthy, she also is eating exactly everything SHE loves, and has no idea how absolutely delicious potato chips are!! I could care less about the bikini stuffers, health food nuts, or the red-blooded meat eater. The key is to be the person you want to be; not the person others want you to be. . . . but I’ll eat an orange and get my Vitamin C just for the Princess!! 🙂

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