Pampering Princess Piggy Poo

When I had my previous guinea pig, it would take two grown adults half an hour and a little bloodshed all around to trim that cavy’s toenails. It took as much energy as a hike up to the Hollywood sign. The only reason to subject all three of us to this torture was so the little guy wouldn’t get gnarly nail syndrome. Guinea pigs need to be able to walk without toenails growing under and around their little feet.

Princess Piggy Poo is the opposite of my boy Princess Piggy Poo Lamb Faceguinea pig. She seems to enjoy her mani-pedis. It takes me, alone, less than 5 minutes to trim all 14 of her little digits. About the only resistance I get are a few tugs from the paw I’m working on when I squeeze it too tightly.

There’s something about Princess Piggy Poo that encourages me to continue grooming after her nails are nice. Perhaps Princess Piggy Poo will get a little comb out or a massage—or both with all of the extra time and energy I have leftover from her mani-pedi. I’ve heard that living with a pet helps lower blood pressure. When I play the role of Princess Piggy Poo’s beautician; that is some of the most relaxing time we spend together. Being a faithful servant to my little Princess definitely benefits us both.

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One Response to Pampering Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    In my experience with my dogs, some just loved being groomed and some just plain could barely stand it, but we all loved the “cuddle” time!! Glad to hear Hermommathequeen and Princess Piggy Poo enjoy these special times together. I couldn’t agree more about how relaxing the cuddling of a loved one, pet or human, is. It lowered my blood pressure just reading this blog. Personally, I think mani-pedis are a necessary evil . . . but I’ll roll over for a massage from my Hunny-Bunny in a “New York Minute”!! 🙂

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