Home sweet home for Princess Piggy Poo

The last time I went out of town and left Princess Piggy Poo with my friends, they only had one child. This time they had two—and while I’d like to say I trust my friends to take care of my baby—they have their hands full. So I had some concerns. My best hope was that one of their little girls would take an interest in feeding Princess Piggy Poo and then at least my guinea pig wouldn’t starve.

Princess Piggy Poo That Face

My concerns were allayed when my friend texted me a picture holding Princess Piggy Poo flanked by his two daughters. Not only were my friends feeding her but Princess Piggy Poo also was able to enjoy some time out of her cage. A few days later, another picture was sent my way with one of the little girls holding Princess Piggy Poo. I did notice they were sitting outside and my dark imagination conjured a scenario where as soon as the picture was texted to me, Princess Piggy Poo wiggled out of the 4-year-old’s tiny hands and made a run for it, never to be seen again. That was the last picture I received while I was away. Duh-duh-duuuuhhhh.

While I was on vacation, I tried not to worry and figured there was nothing I could do from thousands of miles away except have a good time and face whatever was waiting for me when I returned home. Thankfully, my guinea pig was fine. She even seemed mellow. I thought maybe Princess Piggy Poo enjoyed the excitement of being with a family. “Yeah,” my friend confessed, “mostly she interacted with the cat walking on top of her cage. She gets a ton more love and attention from you.”

Once I returned home to an intact Princess Piggy Poo, I decided my friends were too honest. Maybe it’s best not to hear what happened while I was gone. It’s not like Princess Piggy Poo was going to complain. I was grateful my friends took care of her allowing me to take a vacation. I knew their sun wouldn’t rise and set over Princess Piggy Poo and really as long as she was fed and uninjured, they did their job. Although, if Princess Piggy Poo could tell me, I wonder if she’d prefer the activities of a family or curse me for leaving her in a minefield of two screaming little girls, an annoying cat and a dog that would love a taste of her. Either way, for Princess Piggy Poo and for me, it’s nice to be home.

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1 Response to Home sweet home for Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    First, I would like to thank your great friends for taking such good care of Princess Piggy Poo!! Leaving our kids without us is so hard, and we worry so. But the Princess had a family of 16 feet happily bring in an extra four-footed child and care for her like their own, which is a blessing to Hermommathequeen . . . . WOW!! That’s a LOT of feet! 🙂

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