Princess Piggy Poo identity crisis

Invariably, every time someone meets Princess Piggy Poo for the first time, she hears the words, “You look like a bunny!” What is she supposed to think? Of course, the reason she looks like a bunny isn’t flattering either. “You’re just so big!” Which is my signal to chime in, “She looks like her mother…her biological one, too.” Princess Pigy Poo Tidy

Being all white with pink ears that flop a bit probably adds to Princess Piggy Poo’s resemblance to a rabbit but she is definitely all cavy. The reason I know this is because my friend Christine had a bunny that followed her around like a puppy and loved her. Princess Piggy Poo is more aloof than a bunny; her guinea pig ways keep her skittish.

If cilantro was growing out of my right leg and Italian parsley out of my left, I still don’t think Princess Piggy Poo would follow me anywhere. Running away is more her specialty. For instance, the other day while cleaning her cage, I had to Swiffer her out when she made a break-for-it under the couch. I have to admit, Princess Piggy Poo does give me kisses, so I’ll say she does love me and ignore the fact that she only loves me after I’ve been sweating.

It probably doesn’t matter what people say, Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t speak human anyway, although I think she may understand “no.” I can tell that Princess Piggy Poo is the type to be true to herself and embrace who she really is—no identity crisis here.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo identity crisis

  1. kramer says:

    Yes, our little four-legged friends get compared to others just like us two-legged creatures do. I say I am like my “biological” mother when I get those “special” compliments too!! For the adorable Princess Piggy Poo to be compared to a bunny is just so sweet, for both are innately pure of heart and cuddly by nature. I don’t believe the Princess pays any mind to these words from humans, for she knows she’s a royal beauty . . . . she’s all that and a bag of CILANTRO!! 🙂

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