Fickle Princess Piggy Poo

Hold on cilantro, there’s a new treat giving you a run for your hold on my cavy’s heart—Italian parsley. Princess Piggy Poo mowed down her Italian parsley stalks in record time and seemed to be a little more aggressive than usual in looking for additional treats to make disappear.

Princess Piggy Poo AttentionI know my previous guinea pig enjoyed Italian parsley—and I thought Princess Piggy Poo had tried it before—but her reaction seemed so overjoyed that I should have remembered. It would have been remiss of me not to provide this treat with more regularity if I knew how much she enjoyed it. Now that I’m cognizant of the pleasure Italian parsley brings Princess Piggy Poo, I’ll be sure to add it to her fresh fruit, vegetable and herb rotation.

It’s funny that Princess Piggy Poo is so plump, when her favorite foods are the very ones that health care professionals tell us will make people skinny. Maybe Princess Piggy Poo has a glandular problem or a slow metabolism because her fattening pellets are provided in limited portions and she does get her exercise. Whatever the case, there’s definitely more of her to love and that’s why Princess Piggy Poo will be getting more Italian parsley.

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2 Responses to Fickle Princess Piggy Poo

  1. Angee says:

    She’s not plump! She’s fluffy. 😛

  2. kramer says:

    I agree with Angee: She’s not plump; she’s fluffy!! There is way too much “do this; don’t do that” in the healthcare profession, and it changes every year. Sounds to me like Princess Piggy Poo is eating a diet she enjoys, and moderation is important. I am a foodie, and I say “fat is where it’s at” in both flavor of food, life, and passion. I too am a lover of Italian parsley, raw or in cooking . . . nothing like Italian “heat” in the kitchen!! 🙂

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