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Princess Piggy Poo identity crisis

Invariably, every time someone meets Princess Piggy Poo for the first time, she hears the words, “You look like a bunny!” What is she supposed to think? Of course, the reason she looks like a bunny isn’t flattering either. “You’re … Continue reading

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Princess Piggy Poo allergen

Please don’t tell my allergy doctor but I’ve succumbed to the one behavior people with allergies should never do. Not only do I have a pet—a pet with fur—but recently, I’ve taken to inviting Princess Piggy Poo to have cuddle … Continue reading

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Fickle Princess Piggy Poo

Hold on cilantro, there’s a new treat giving you a run for your hold on my cavy’s heart—Italian parsley. Princess Piggy Poo mowed down her Italian parsley stalks in record time and seemed to be a little more aggressive than … Continue reading

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Princess Piggy Poo box lady

This weekend was all work and no play for me but that didn’t mean Princess Piggy Poo should have to suffer. Luckily, I had a delivery arrive in a big box so I made a tunnel and let her play … Continue reading

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