Princess Piggy Poo pacifist

Princess Piggy Poo could never survive in the wild. With my last guinea pig, I had to have a supply of Neosporin for the times I wasn’t quick enough to escape his attack. Princess Piggy Poo on the other hand, nips at me regularly and she’s never drawn blood or even broken skin.

Princess Piggy Poo Relaxed Lit

At first, I thought Princess Piggy Poo was holding back because she didn’t want to hurt me. I thought she was only trying to tell me that she didn’t like something I was doing. But I can’t imagine a cavy being that smart—even if that cavy is Princess Piggy Poo. Now I think she just doesn’t have that killer instinct. Believe me, I’m not complaining, it’s just something I noticed.

Princess Piggy Poo is still young and things could change. You know how older people get meaner and more crotchety—maybe that could happen to Princess Piggy Poo. I hope life doesn’t wear her down. I’ll give her healthy doses of love and cilantro to sink her teeth into and hope she continues to avoid me.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo pacifist

  1. kramer says:

    Aha, the perfect example of genetics -v- environment!! Very interesting topic. In the case of Princess Piggy Poo, I think it’s both. I don’t think she has the “killer” instinct either, and I know for a fact that she gets a whole lot of love in her everyday life. Anyone, even a cavy, would flourish beautifully in that environment. You take care of Princess Piggy Poo, and she’ll take care of you . . . of course, I’d keep the cilantro handy too!! 🙂

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