Princess Piggy Poo pigs out

I spent the turn of the century in Tahiti—way back when Princess Piggy Poo’s great grandparents were roaming the planet.

One of the highlights of the trip was an excursion to see a waterfall. Trekking up the mountain was fine; seeing the waterfall was awesome; navigating back down was tricky as the ground was wet and slippery. But at the bottom was a reward—a large banana leaf was laid out on the back of the jeep that brought us there displaying the sweet fruits of the island.

Princess Piggy Poo RomaineI hadn’t thought about that day until this morning. My friend David gave me a bunch of romaine lettuce for Princess Piggy Poo. Generally, I give her a handful of bagged lettuce for her morning treat, but today she had a large leaf of romaine topped with cilantro and red peppers. Princess Piggy Poo didn’t have to scale a mountain for this pleasure.

The only adventure for Princess Piggy Poo was navigating the romaine leaf that took up as much room in her cage as she does. I wondered how much of that leaf she’d be able to eat—all of it is the correct answer.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo pigs out

  1. kramer says:

    My best excursion to a waterfall was in Ocho Rios. It was just beautiful, but the food we got was not fruit; it was the infamous Jamaican Jerk Chicken . . . best chicken I have ever had!! It is funny how certain foods or words will bring back good memories, isn’t it? Your memory triggered you to make good use of David’s gift of the lettuce for Princess Piggy Poo, as you added some special treats on top. And by the sound of it, she sure did enjoy it. On a big lettuce leaf like that, I would like a big sushi roll, and I’d eat the whole thing too, just like Princess Piggy . . . even if it was as big as my cage! 🙂

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