Princess Piggy Poo’s day off

I took a PTO (paid time off) day last Wednesday to go to Disneyland with my friend and his almost-four-year-old daughter. Princess Piggy Poo stayed home. While I feel guilty about a lot of things I may or may not do to give Princess Piggy Poo a good life, having a blast at Disneyland for a day isn’t one of those things. Whether I’m at work, running errands or having fun at Disneyland is irrelevant to my guinea pig.

Princess Piggy Poo Resting

It did get me wondering though. What would Princess Piggy Poo do if she had a day off? What would she need a day off from? For the most part, every day for Princess Piggy Poo goes like clockwork: she wakes up, has cuddle time, gets fed, hangs out in her hiding house listening to NPR and then later enjoys floor time with the television on in the background. In the wee hours, Princess Piggy Poo goes to sleep. Truthfully, I go to sleep, I’ve never seen her sleep, I just assume it happens.

Maybe a day off for Princess Piggy Poo is just changing up her routine. However, if I try to sleep in, Princess Piggy Poo serenades me awake. If I feed her before her cuddle time, she won’t eat and if I forget to turn on NPR before leaving the house, I sense a cold shoulder when I get back. All signs indicate that Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t want a day off—she’s does what makes her happy every day. Funny that compared to me, my caged cavy seems to be so free.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo’s day off

  1. kramer says:

    Not being as familiar with the habits of Princess Piggy Poo, I can only relate to your situation as to mine with my own dog, Max. He ate when he wanted, got walked two to three times a day, played whenever he wanted to, loved football, but mostly he slept. So I have to agree that our children are much more free than we are, and that’s a fact. We willingly cater to them with all our love, so what do we expect? I always thought to myself that if I ever came back from the great beyond, I would want to come back as a dog . . . . not just “any” dog, MY DOG!!! 🙂

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