Princess Piggy Poo’s Sweet 16

Friday night I ran home, fixed a little dinner and sat on the couch to watch the University of Florida Gators in the NCAA’s Sweet 16. The Gators were tipping off against the Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast University. I was bummed that the Gators were playing a Cinderella team, also from Florida, because I would have liked to see the Eagles advance—just not against us. Go Gators!

Princess Piggy Poo Gators 2

So what does college basketball have to do with Princess Piggy Poo? I think it’s her new favorite sport. As the game started, Princess Piggy Poo was squeaking with the same excitement as when I bring her lettuce in the morning. She sounded like the Gators’ biggest fan. Those enthusiastic guinea pig wheeks continued to the point that I became alarmed, until I realized that she was speaking to the squeaking sneakers.

We’ve watched basketball on television, but there was a more pronounced sound watching on the computer. Poor Princess Piggy Poo thought there were other guinea pigs making guinea pig sounds. I took her out of her cage to enjoy the game with me—and prove to her that there were no other cavies in the house—and the Gators won moving on to the Elite Eight.

Unfortunately, Princess Piggy Poo’s enthusiasm for Gator basketball has been cut short as Florida fell to Michigan on Sunday. Let’s see how Princess Piggy Poo feels about America’s Favorite Pastime—because as if on queue, baseball opened its season Sunday, too.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo’s Sweet 16

  1. kramer says:

    I think that’s too cute that the computer sounds of the sneakers made Princess Piggy Poo think there were cavies in the house to the point she was wheeking in response to the speakers. I too was really pulling for Gulf Coast. With all due respect to the Gators, I was excitedly cheering on the Cinderella team too . . . but there’s only one sport that makes me “wheek.” 🙂

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