Princess Piggy Poo’s spa day

Feeling those little guinea pig claws dig into my forearm was a trigger that Princess Piggy Poo needed a mani-pedi. I couldn’t remember the last time I trimmed her nails—not a good sign—but I do remember there was a little bloodshed and it made me feel badly. Naturally, I wouldn’t want to put her through any pain and suffering, but the girl needed a trim. So trim I did. Princess Piggy Poo Relaxed

Princess Piggy Poo was exceptionally well behaved and accepting of me trimming her back paws as well as the trickier front paws near her big teeth. She was so relaxed, it made me relaxed, so I decided to give her a little massage. I started petting her head and rubbed her pink ears. She got a neck squeeze and then I scratched her cheeks moving under her chin. Princess Piggy Poo lifted her head back as if to encourage more chin action—and I obliged.

After her massage, I figured a coif was in order and grabbed her brush. As I got near her butt cheeks, I noticed there was something unbecoming a princess. I’ve never given Princess Piggy Poo a bath and figured instead of ruining the mood with a traumatic experience, I’d just dab away the unsightly yuck-yuck. It worked. A few more strokes of the brush and I had one wheeking, pampered pet.

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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo’s spa day

  1. kramer says:

    There’s nothing like a day of pampering!! With no blood shed this time around, Hermommathequeen did a great job, and Princess Piggy Poo obviously enjoyed herself. But yes, in the world of mani-pedis, massage therapy, and keeping our overall beauty intact, little yucks are bound to be found . . . . thank goodness, in this case, a “dab’ll do ya!! 🙂

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