Princess Piggy Poo plays hostess

Princess Piggy Poo and I had dinner guests last Saturday. My friend Mariam and her husband Paul were treated to some delicious home cooking (if I do say so myself) and Princess Piggy Poo provided entertainment afterward. Princess Piggy Poo Mariam

Mariam wanted to hold Princess Piggy Poo so I made my friend sit on the couch the way any anxious mother would do before handing over her baby. When I placed Princess Piggy Poo on Mariam’s lap, Mariam enjoyed petting Princess Piggy Poo’s uber soft fur and commented that Princess Piggy Poo is more the size of a rabbit than a guinea pig. So what better way to butter up a chubby guinea pig than proffering her a favorite treat: a few sprigs of cilantro. Paul commented that Princess Piggy Poo looked like she was chomping green spaghetti as she made each strand disappear.

After a few minutes, I asked Mariam if she wanted me to put Princess Piggy Poo back in her house. I mentioned that, while Princess Piggy Poo has never drawn blood, she’s not above a light bite, which isn’t pleasant. I also revealed that she isn’t potty trained. And, with that admission, Princess Piggy Poo gave Mariam a warm reception by peeing on her leg.

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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo plays hostess

  1. kramer says:

    It sounds like a wonderful evening Hermommathequeen and Princess Piggy Poo had with their guests. Knowing you both as I do, I have no doubt it was an evening to remember with the enjoyment of friendship and delicious food. While I have always known that you are the best hostess, I am glad to hear the Princess is following in your footsteps with the warm reception of guests into your home . . . but I am glad to hear they differ a “piddle.” 🙂

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