Cochon d’Inde féroce

Imagine all the mementos you’d like to bring home from a Paris vacation…scented French soaps, an Eifel Tower refrigerator magnet and a Louis Vuitton handbag…well, that’s you. A 4″ x 2″ drab metal sign at a Parisian pet shop caught the eye of my friend Doug. “Cochon d’Inde Féroce” read his prized souvenir—translation “Guinea Pig Fierce.” I had a big laugh over that little sign. It was ridiculously funny, until the first time a guinea pig bit me. Princess Piggy Poo Angle

Despite her razor sharp teeth, my precious Princess Piggy Poo is anything but fierce. Even when she’s attacking a perceived predator she hops around in the funniest way. Prey animals such as guinea pigs have eyes on the sides of their heads to see threats approaching from behind them, hence, the hopping in circles while nipping at anything in striking difference.

Those French certainly have a sense of humor when it comes to their cochon d’inde. Next time I’m in Paris, I’ll look for one of those funny little signs to put on Princess Piggy Poo’s cage because my guinea pig is fiercely cute.

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One Response to Cochon d’Inde féroce

  1. kramer says:

    Well, yep, you about covered my souvenir list for when I went to Paris, but my favorite was a pair of pj’s. With her razor sharp teeth, Princess Piggy Poo is indeed fierce, both in protective senses and in cuteness. One needs not to be fooled by the shortness of a species, for its bite is worse then its bark . . . I’ll take you at your word about the cochon d’inde nip!! 🙂

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