Princess Piggy Poo housekeeper

Princess Piggy Poo helped me clean house today. She decided to make a game out of our domestic activities. Likely watching me crawl on the floor gave Princess Piggy Poo this inspiration—or perhaps it was the movie Enchanted that was playing in the background.

Princess Piggy Poo Face LS

Princess Piggy Poo ran underneath the couch on the same side as my reach and then dashed the length away from me pushing the dust into a handy ball. I may be feeding her too much because her low-hanging belly collected its fair share of dust bunnies. Once I slithered to her side and plucked up the dust bunny, she took off again. While she was running her track, she would graze my hand as if to tease me into a game of catch.

Once Princess Piggy Poo felt satisfied that her task was complete, she peered at me from the foot of the sofa as if to signal, “Hey lady, time for my break.” I must admit, the Swiffer is quicker and more thorough, but cleaning is good exercise for my chunky little Highness.

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3 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo housekeeper

  1. kramer says:

    I sure do wish I could get away with a Swiffer and a Princess to do my floors!! I bet you two had a great time playing catch while getting something done at the same time. I must admit there’s no game in the world that I have found to make cleaning fun; though, I do play the air guitar with my mop to Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” on occasion. They do say that cleaning house burns quite a lot of calories. You say it’s good exercise for your “chunky” Highness, but I haven’t noticed a difference in this “chunky” redneck . . . . and that’ts why there’s no full-lenght mirrors in my house!!! 🙂

  2. Phylicity says:

    Can I borrow her next weekend???

  3. Elaine Ash says:

    That face! And she mops too! Can I have her after Phyllis?

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