Guinea pigs with chewed ears

At this point in her life, Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t have any scars of living. I’m hoping she stays this way but Princess Piggy Poo does do some crazy things such as leaping out of my hands and running toward the fireplace tools. If she bumps into them just the right way, it could set off a commotion causing her to be poked, smashed or brushed to the great beyond. photo

In the month before becoming my baby, Princess Piggy Poo lived with her mother and sister. They were very civilized as Princess Piggy Poo was pure perfection when handed over to me (and her sister was in fine shape as well). So why is it that I’ve seen so many guinea pigs with eaten ears? Do cavies grow weary of each other if left together too long? Do the bullies pick on the weaker ones? Are there aggravators who get put in their place? Those were the reasons kids in the neighborhood got their butts kicked—can’t imagine guinea pigs would be much different.

As guilty as I feel for keeping Princess Piggy Poo an only child, I believe it’s a small price to pay for having perfectly rounded, perfectly pink, perfect ears.

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One Response to Guinea pigs with chewed ears

  1. kramer says:

    While, I do understand your concern about the welfare of Princess Piggy Poo, being No. 2 from the bottom of nine brothers and sisters, I can say there are pros and cons. We could wrestle with each other all we wanted, which proved scary when a lampshade came flying across the room, but bullying was not tolerated at home or at school. I was taught, from the words of my wise father: Don’t throw the first punch, but definitely throw the last. To protect Princess Piggy from a bully, I would gladly do it in a blip . . . and If I have to pull a Mike Tyson on your ass, I will!! 🙂

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