Song for Princess Piggy Poo

When I had my other guinea pig, I made up a song for him. His original tune I can’t convey, but here are the lyrics:

You’re my little guinea pig,

You are little you’re not big.

You’re my sweet and furry boy,

You’re just like a squeaky toy.

I sure love you little one,

You’re my favorite baby son,

Guin-ea pig!

Princess Piggy Poo Hmph

My relationship with Princess Piggy Poo has been different, as she’s the one who does all of the singing. However, it would be nice if I allowed her to be my muse and came up with a little ditty especially for her. So, here it goes:

You are white and your ears are pink,

Your fur is soft as an American mink.

You squeak and you sing like a little bird,

Your only flaw is that you eat your turds.

I’m so glad you’re my little girl,

There’s not a better pet in the whole wide world,

Prin-cess Pig-gy Poo!

And there you have it: sweet inspiration from my cute cavy.

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3 Responses to Song for Princess Piggy Poo

  1. Angee says:

    Awwww! That’s so cute! XD

  2. Buffy Hornung says:

    Love It!!! Think you are channeling Doug here:)

  3. kramer says:

    What an absolutely darling song. Amongst all your other talents, you’re a songwriter too!! No one has ever wrote a song of love like that for me. Princess Piggy Poo is so blessed to have your love. Even if you did “sing” to the world, maybe, her most well-kept secret, “eat your turds.” Though it made me laugh, it is true, and it did rhyme . . . . “butt,” oh, my!! 🙂

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