Happy New Year Princess Piggy Poo

I have this notion that how you spend the first day of a New Year sets the tone for all the 364 days to follow. If Princess Piggy Poo shares this notion, then she is in for a bold and adventurous 2013. Princess Piggy Poo License

As I was cleaning Princess Piggy Poo’s cage today—so we could both start the year off right—she was on the living room floor tucked into her hiding house. I left the room for a second to get paper towels and when I returned Princess Piggy Poo had ventured out of her hiding house and was exploring the living room. She wasn’t dodging from one hiding place to the next taking refuge under the furniture, instead, Princess Piggy Poo was checking out the place. I really enjoyed this sassy side of my cute little cavy.

Most of the guinea pigs I’ve been around want to be under cover, it’s thrilling to see Princess Piggy Poo come out of her wood shell and scurry around the wood floors instead. So much excitement and the year just begun!

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