Wishing you a cavy Christmas

When I returned home from holiday shopping the other day, I went to turn off the NPR that I leave on for Princess Piggy Poo and heard the announcer say “guinea pig.” I thought, “No wonder this is Princess Piggy Poo’s favorite station.” Naturally, I stopped to hear the story. Princess Piggy Poo Mousey

There was a little Mexican-American girl who wrote a letter to the Three Kings (the Mexican version of writing a letter to Santa) asking for a guinea pig for Christmas. When her request was fulfilled on Christmas morning, she was thrilled holding and petting the Christmas cavy, she called Luna. After about an hour, the little girl got horrible hives. However, she would not be deterred—the girl dressed up like a terrorist wearing a black ski mask that revealed only her eyes, purple winter gloves and a long-sleeve white shirt just so she could hold her precious pet.

At this time of year when every thing appears to be magical and perfect—it stings harder when life isn’t wrapped up in a pretty bow. The real beauty is figuring out how to overcome and enjoy. Merry Christmas!

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