How pretty is my Piggy?

Naturally, I think Princess Piggy Poo is extremely pretty. She may be the prettiest guinea pig in the whole wide world, even though I guarantee I wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a white guinea pig lineup. It got me thinking, is there such thing as an ugly guinea pig? While people are so varied, other than color or hair length, I don’t see much difference from one cavy to the next. Princess Piggy Poo Booty

Earlier this year Howard Stern had the creators of the ugly app on his radio show. The ugly app measures a person’s symmetry, which is supposed to be an indicator of beauty, and assigns a number value. The numbers weren’t very complimentary to the Stern crew for the most part; Ronnie the Limo Driver even got a zero-point-zero, which became worse when someone’s butt got a two.

Princess Piggy Poo has an adorable butt. It’s wide and round and wiggles so cute when she walks. Funny how a big butt is only adorable when it’s covered in fur, just a millimeter off the ground and belongs to a guinea pig. Her butt would probably get a 95 on the ugly app. The 5-point deduction is only because I need extra points to give her face a higher score. I can see that Princess Piggy Poo is not perfectly symmetric, but she’s perfect to me—can’t get any prettier than that.

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One Response to How pretty is my Piggy?

  1. kramer says:

    I don’t believe there is an “ugly” guinea pig. If in a contest, Princess Piggy has them all beat, “butts” down, as the prettiest of them all. I know nothing of this ugly app that measures a person’s “symmetry” — which is an indicator of beauty, you say? If that’s true, then I stand with all the other big butts out there, and Princess Piggy Poo too . . . . just another Big Booty Beauty!! 🙂

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