Princess Piggy Poo meets the family

Thanksgiving wasn’t just a time for feasting on cilantro for Princess Piggy Poo; she got to meet the family. They traveled across the country to make her acquaintance. Princess Piggy Poo played the representative guinea pig—quiet, demure and cute, albeit boring.

Princess Piggy Poo Hmph Close Up“Does she blink?” asked my father, adding, “It seems like she’s blind.” I’ve never seen Princess Piggy Poo blink or sleep, although when I pet her sometimes she squints as if she’s really enjoying my loving scratches.

“I like her ears,” said my mom while rubbing Princess Piggy Poo’s pink ears. I remembered when we were kids and my mom would tell us not to fold over our ears or we’d get “cauliflower ears.” Now she was admiring what I pictured those dreaded cauliflower ears might look like.

My sister and niece were more interested in how their little dog, Rosalie, a poodle-Shih Tzu-mix not much bigger than Princess Piggy Poo, embraced her cavy cousin. The two furry cousins did look cute next to each other, Rosalie is black except for a white paw and Princess Piggy Poo is white except for her pink ears, “Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony…”

I’ve never witnessed a dog petting a guinea pig—maybe Rosalie was just showing us that her paw was the same color as Princess Piggy Poo—whatever the motivation, it sure was funny. I was dismayed though that while Rosalie sniffed Princess Piggy Poo’s butt, licked her ears and pet her incessantly that Princess Piggy Poo didn’t try and bite her once. Princess Piggy Poo goes after me for any little movement. Maybe Princess Piggy Poo was on her best behavior—or just terrified that there were so many new bodies in the house even if they all did look a lot like me.

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3 Responses to Princess Piggy Poo meets the family

  1. kramer says:

    How nice that the family traveled across the country to meet the Princess. I’m still wondering about your dad’s comment about the blinking?? I think it’s great that the two little ones got along so well. They obviously have more in common with each other than theydo with humanoids like us. Maybe Princess Piggy was on her best behavior, or maybe there were too many people who looked like you, but I think it was the rubbing of the ears by your mom that Princess Piggy Poo loved the best . . . . cauliflower ears be damned!! 🙂

  2. Mrs. Ryan Reynolds says:

    I love this picture of the Princess. My all-time favorite.

  3. Angee says:

    Pups gave P.P.P. her “Paw of Approval!”

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