Princess Piggy Poo’s fav food

Until I lived in California, I had never heard of cilantro. My mom had coriander in her spice rack, but I had no idea those dried seed were cilantro. Now the fresh herb has a place in my grocery basket nearly every time I go food shopping. Princess Piggy Poo loves cilantro. It’s her favorite thing on the planet.

“How do you know?” my friend Sara asked. I explained that I had never seen Princess Piggy Poo eat anything until I bought her some cilantro. My incredibly shy guinea pig was not only coaxed out of her hiding house by the delectable aroma, but she ate the herb directly from my hand…unprecedented.

I must admit I enjoy cilantro as well. It’s delicious in salads and I crave it in phó. My friend, Phyllicity, on the other hand detests it and has bestowed her lifetime allotment to Princess Piggy Poo—such a controversial flavorant.

I love the scent of cilantro and how it makes Princess Piggy Poo smell when I feed it to her. I have to give her kisses after she chomps it down to inhale the fragrance. It’s also fun to watch Princess Piggy Poo eat her cilantro. My little cavy starts at one end of the thin stalk and makes the leaves disappear with her methodical munching. The green stick wags back and forth becoming smaller and smaller until it’s completely devoured, and then Princess Piggy Poo looks for the next one.

Cilantro makes Princess Piggy Poo so happy. Kind of how I get when someone gives me good chocolate. Bon appétit mon petit cochon d’inde.

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One Response to Princess Piggy Poo’s fav food

  1. kramer says:

    Like Princess Piggy, I love cilantro too . . . especially in my homemade ceviche, which I made all the time when I lived on the coast of Florida. After visiting France, I fell in love with camembert cheese on French baguette sandwiches. After returning to America, I “had” to touch up the yucko pasturized version with some basil . . . my fav in the herb garden. I can understand the Princess’s love of her dear cilantro, as I’m sure I look something like her as I happily devour my cheese and basil sandwiches, which could coax me anywhere . . . je t’aime mon fromage!! 🙂

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