Which princess?

Sometimes I wonder which princess my Princess Piggy Poo self-identifies with most. At first thought, my guess would be Cinderella, and not just because Cindy’s blue ball gown would go great with Princess Piggy Poo’s pink ears. But when I put my little cavy on the floor, she goes straight for the fireplace, moves the screen and gets covered in soot. She sings like a bird, too. But so do all the Disney Princesses. Then again, maybe she thinks she’s like Belle and I’m the Beast.

Perhaps Princess Piggy Poo fancies herself more like a real-life princess. It couldn’t be Princess Diana; Princess Piggy Poo is too shy to be “the people’s princess.” I don’t see Princess Grace either. After all living in your own poop doesn’t have the glamour and elegance that comes to mind when thinking of Grace Kelly.

Maybe a different type of fantasy princess, such as Princess Leia or Xena: Warrior Princess would be Princess Piggy Poo’s ideal, but guinea pigs aren’t known for kicking ass in the animal kingdom. So that would be utterly ridiculous.

Ultimately, Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t care about other princesses. That’s how royalty is…just focusing on number one.

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One Response to Which princess?

  1. kramer says:

    No, I dare say that I have to agree with you when you said that “living in your own poop” doesn’t really qualify one as a Princess . . . . guinea pig, faitytale princess, or human, for that matter. But I do believe that Princess Piggy Poo is royalty in her own world, and in her own mind, and mostly to her most loving supporter and lady in waiting . . . hermommathequeen!! 🙂

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