Gator chomping guinea pig

College football really heats up the first week in October. It’s when the Gator Nation faithful really get to see what the team is made of—when the University of Florida (UF) Gators play the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers. I prefer to watch the LSU vs. UF game at home without distractions, which worked well for Princess Piggy Poo. We shared a lot of quality time and she was out of her cage for four fabulous quarters of football. This was Princess Piggy Poo’s first UF/LSU game as she came to live with me the second week in October missing last year’s match up by a week.

Princess Piggy Poo loved the game. How do I know? First, she didn’t pee on me the entire game. (Try holding a guinea pig for more than an hour and see what happens to you.) Second, she didn’t freak out when I jumped and cheered. I even felt her sigh and catch her breath a few times right along with me. And finally, she became the secret weapon for scoring.

I discovered it innocently, albeit through my naughty behavior. At the beginning of the third quarter, LSU was winning 6-0, so on a Florida possession, I made Princess Piggy Poo do the Gator chomp. Even though her tiny arms barely reached each other, she didn’t wiggle, she didn’t bite me and she seemed to enjoy it. Viola, the Gators scored. The next time the Gators had possession I made Princess Piggy Poo do the Gator chomp again. Oh my! It worked again. The Gators won 14-6. We celebrated as if it were a holiday.

Now that I have the secret weapon for scoring…the BCS championship is in the paws of a little white guinea pig with a penchant for orange and blue. What a 12th man on the field she can be! Go Gators!

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One Response to Gator chomping guinea pig

  1. kramer says:

    Oh, how cute. You taught Princess Piggy Poo the “Gator Chomp.” Maybe Princess is your lucky charm. Congrats on your win against LSU . . . don’t know what happened to LSU in that 4th quarter. You think she’ll take you all the way to the BCS? Huuummm . . . . . you might wnat to teach her the “Seminole Chop” !!! 🙂

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