Technology loving guinea pig

I’ve been trying to find a chew toy for Princess Piggy Poo to enjoy while I’m holding her. So far, I’ve tried the yogurt drops and vitamin C-laced apples that Evelyn gave us and colorful wood bits shaped like fruit. Princess Piggy Poo has no interest in guinea pig chew toys…not that she doesn’t like to chew. She has a particular fondness for computers, remotes and my iPhone.

 She noses around and before you know it, Princess Piggy Poo has her choppers chomping on my back arrow button. Thank goodness I caught her before she choked and/or damaged the computer key. And, I appreciate that it was easy for me to snap back the key without any issue.

After the back arrow key incident, I try to keep the remote control out of her grasp. The remote has way too many numbers, arrows and descriptive buttons she could play with that would really screw me up. Nothing more embarrassing than having your guinea pig better educated on how to use your remote. Today, while we were watching football, she stepped on a button (I’m not sure which one) and there was a display on the television I’d never seen before. Ultimately, I had to turn the TV off and then on again to get things back to normal.

There doesn’t appear to be any damage Princess Piggy Poo can do to my iPhone, yet why would I take that chance? She’s a sly little cavy. I’ve seen too many toddlers adroitly use iPhones, and I can just imagine Princess Piggy Poo calling 9-1-1 and a few minutes later having an emergency crew outside my door.

As long as no one gets hurt, it’s cool to have a techie guinea pig. She obviously didn’t get it from me.

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One Response to Technology loving guinea pig

  1. kramer says:

    OH, I think that is tooooooooo cool that Princess Piggy is a techie diva!! I would just love having her around to help me with my techie devices. I need all the help I can get. Now, the part about using them as a “chew toy” is obviously not the optimal career choice for a guinea pig as smart as Princess Piggy. . . . . that’s what I use them for!!! 🙂

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