When guinea pigs fly

Much of the time guinea pigs are still little creatures. They’ll sit on your lap and barely move. It lulls you into thinking they are slow. Cavies are cute, cavies are furry, they’re squeaky and cuddly but they’re not slow.

When it’s time to put Princess Piggy Poo back into her cage after playtime, I have to be careful. First, she can scratch the hell out of me; second she’s fearless as soon as she sees her hiding house. Most of the time, I grab around her body and her little legs run a mile a minute in mid air away from my flesh. It looks like Fred Flintstone driving his car—pretty comical and worth dangling her for a few extra seconds to watch.

If only it was always that fun and easy. As careful as I try to be, more than once Princess Piggy Poo has leapt from my hands and flown into her cage—usually crash landing on her hay. It’s startling when it happens. I’m always afraid she’ll fall down and break her crown. And, like 30 million other Americans, Princess Piggy Poo doesn’t have health care—so all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to put Princess Piggy Poo together again.

How do I explain to a guinea pig that she isn’t supposed to fly? Let’s hope Princess Piggy Poo leaves flying to birds, bugs, planes and other things equipped with wings.

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1 Response to When guinea pigs fly

  1. kramer says:

    This image of flying “Flintstone” feet as you put Princess Piggy in her hiding house made my laugh out loud!!! Thanks!! I needed that for this fine Monday morning. Reminds me of the uncanny maneuvers of cats. They seem to have that gift. Made me think about that “fight or flight” instinct in us humans. I’m too old and out of shape to consider the “flight,” so I’ve pretty much decided “fight” is my only choice . . . . unless a freaking gorilla is chasing me into my “hiding house”!!! 🙂

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