Piggy’s excited for pigskin play

Are you ready for some gridiron football? Princess Piggy Poo sure is. She’s a little bummed there’s not a nip in the air with the crisp fall breeze that she associated with football last season. Instead we have the air conditioner blasting cold air on our faces. But no matter, her ear hairs twitch to the pregame roar of the crowd and she wheeks her support for both teams from kickoff to final whistle. 

This week delivered college games on Saturday followed by NFL on Sunday and Monday and there’s another game on Thursday. Of course, we don’t watch all the games—I work and Princess Piggy Poo needs her hiding time, I need to get my chores done and Princess Piggy Poo has to munch on hay—we’re busy. We might not see all four quarters, but we make time when we can. Sometimes I leave the game on TV for Princess Piggy Poo when I have to step out, but I know that’s not what she prefers.

Football season is just getting underway and Princess Piggy Poo can hardly contain herself. Imagine how thrilled she’ll be next month when the temperature drops and I bring out my hoodies with the kangaroo pockets. Princess Piggy Poo will be happily tucked inside—her equivalent of a 50-yard-line seat.

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1 Response to Piggy’s excited for pigskin play

  1. kramer says:

    OH, yes, I am ready for football season!! I’m with you and Princess PIggy . . . looking forward to some cool crispness in the air. I’m not really a follower of college anymore, but I never miss my NFL game, and I didn’t miss it this last weekend. I put down the chores, bring out the wings/pizza and watch the whole game; though, I wouldn’t call my “words of wisdom” to BOTH teams “wheeks,” like Princess Piggy. Yes, it will be nice when I get to be proudly wearing my team jersey, “happily” tucked into my recliner . . . . MY equivalent of a 50-yard line seat !! 🙂

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