Big month for my little Piggy

When you’re not paying attention, time really flies. Unbelievable to me, Princess Piggy Poo will be one year old this month. 

First, a confession: I kind of lied on the “About” section of this blog when I said Princess Piggy Poo was born October 1, 2011. It really wasn’t a flat-out lie, I’m math challenged. I adopted her October 16 and the pet store said she was four weeks old. They may be fibbing a bit too, so I’m guessing her birthday is between September 11 and 18. (If I have to pick a date, I’ll go with my friend Rachel’s birthday, September 12, since she paid for Princess Piggy Poo.)

All in all it’s been a good year for Princess Piggy Poo. She appears to be happy, healthy and accustomed to her lot in life. We’ve fallen into our rhythm—cuddle time in the morning, crudités for breakfast, NPR entertaining while I’m at work, nightlight automatically on before I get home, cuddle time before bed and reset. Routine seems to comfort her, as much as it challenges me.

For her birthday time frame, I’ll go to Whole Foods and purchase a healthy bunch of organic cilantro (because she’s worth it). After knowing her so well for a whole year now, I’m confident it’s her favorite treat. Naturally I want her to have a happy birthday. After all, she’s so damn cute and I love the little critter.

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6 Responses to Big month for my little Piggy

  1. kramer says:

    Oh, yes, ALL birthdays are a celebration . . . all days are a celebration!! It matters not what the “exact” day is. Give Princess Piggy all the cilantro she can handle all year long. After all, she is a Princess. And what is this NPR stuff she has to listen to all day long? That would make me crazy listening to people chatter mumbo-jumbo all day long. Change that channel once in a while to some easy listening, country, rock ‘n roll . . . every Princess needs to get her groove thing on once in a while!! 🙂

  2. Buffy says:

    Happy Birthday Princess!!

  3. ashedit says:


  4. ashedit says:

    BTW, this is your pal Elayne.

  5. Beth S says:

    Happy Birthday to Princes PP! May you both have a wonderful year!

  6. Barbara says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, PPP. You are too cute.

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