Princess sheds a lot

Princess Piggy Poo is less than a foot long and weighs maybe a pound but she sheds like a balding man racing to the nearest Hair Club for Men. Her lily-white fur turns up on my clothes, in the dryer’s lint trap, on the furniture, on the floor and surprisingly even on my chair at work. 

It’d be one thing if Princess Piggy Poo was a dog running about the house and shaking here and there, but an itty-bitty guinea pig ensconced in a hiding house—it makes no sense to me. How can such a little creature lose so much hair and still be fully covered in fur?

The only downside of having a pet that sheds is that you need to sweep on a regular basis. But truth be told, my hair winds up all over the place, too.

Finding Princess Piggy Poo’s hairy souvenirs always makes me smile. Because even though she sheds a lot for a tiny creature, it’s exponentially less than a dog or cat. I consider her stray strands the equivalent of the note in the lunch box or text message; a simple reminder from someone you care about.

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