Treats for Princess Piggy Poo

When someone buys you a gift it’s very thoughtful; but when they bring a present for your guinea pig it goes above and beyond. I imagine parents feel that same sense of gratitude when their child receives a gift.

Evelyn was at the pet store when guinea pig treats caught her eye and she brought them to me at work for Princess Piggy Poo. Naturally, Princess Piggy Poo immediately sent a lovely thank-you note expressing her gratitude.

There were two delectable treats—one looked like wooden apple slices and the other yogurt drops. I opened the wood treats because I was afraid the yogurt drops looked so tempting, I would want to try one.

Princess Piggy Poo ate the “peel” of the apple. I’m guessing that’s where all the vitamin C was stored. I left the wood part in her cage thinking she’d nibble away to file her teeth but 3 days later it was still there. And since then she’s had no interest in the apple slices, not even the peel.

I don’t understand why Princess Piggy Poo prefers biting my shirts, buttons and arms as opposed to the sweet treats given to her by a sweet friend. I don’t want to raise an ingrate but there’s really nothing I can do. As a Princess, she must not feel obliged to please the subjects who care for her, which means I may have to try those yogurt drops and report back to Evelyn how much her tasty treats were appreciated.

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1 Response to Treats for Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    Could it be “Like Hermommathequeen, like Princess Piggy Poo”??? Picky eater syndrome? LOL!!! I always remember my friends’ pets in my gift-giving experience. I think your friend Evelyn is so thoughtful, and remembered Princess is your “child” too. The pic is absolutely adorable. I think it’s cute that she prefers you and your clothing to her own “guinea” treats, but it rises my curiosity too . . . just exactly what are you eating that’s so yummy? 🙂

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